Photo Gallery

These are the official photographs of the 2nd International Space Exploration Forum (ISEF2). Please adhere to the guidelines below if you wish to use these photos.

  • The copyright for all images belongs to the following organizations, and photo credits must be indicated accordingly:
     - Ministerial-level forum (main forum): MEXT
     - Facility Tours: JAXA
  • Usage of the photos is prohibited in the following cases:
     - Usage for commercial purposes (images, advertisements, products)
     - Usage to support, recommend, slander or defame a specific person, group or organization's activities.
     - Usage for a purpose or in a way that would offend public order and/or standards of decency.

If you experience any problems with these images, please kindly inform the person in charge at the address below.

Photo Session
Opening Session
Cultural Event
Information Session
ISS Call
Closing Session
Facility Tour(JAXA Sagamihara Campus)
Facility Tour(JAXA Tsukuba Space Center)